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Monday, August 30, 2010

OMG I'm freaking out

So, I'm still waiting to hear about my Certificate of Eligibility that I'll use to get my Visa. I've been told that the results will be announced at the end of August (eg: TOMORROW or soon after) and it's making me really anxious. I've done all I can to have made sure I'll get it, but it just sucks to know that if they deny me that certificate then I won't be able to get my Visa and it'll ruin the plans I've made for study abroad :( If denied, I won't be able to stay for 6 months for the 2 semesters I've planned. Seeing as how I've already paid... At the least I'd be able to go on the default tourist Visa and be there for one semester, but I really want to study there for 2 :P

Meh, on to more positive things. If I get the certificate then all I have to do is mail it to Chicago and the consulate there with my Passport, photos, and the required paperwork. After receiving the certificate I'll feel comfortable enough to FINALLY buy my plane ticket.

I'm also kind of worried about what level I'll place in when I get to the classes in Japan. I've been studying and reviewing, but I don't know what the placement test or process will be like. Guess we'll see.

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