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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

One Step Closer

So, I heard back yesterday from the representative guy in Japan who translated my Visa stuff for me: I got the Certificate of Eligibility that I can now use to get my Visa once the certificate reaches me here in the States (has to be mailed from Japan :P) Yay!

Also: I bought my plane ticket! Given that the time is quickly approaching, I was getting near the point where I would lose any real "early booking" discount and the prices would have jumped up a decent amount. Now that I have the certificate I need, the chances of being denied the actual Visa are near nonexistent, so it was in my best interest to buy a ticket now :)

To the flight info! I'll be flying out of MCI at 6:00 AM--which of course means I'll need to be there at like 4-something in order to make sure everything is set. I'll have a 2.5 hr layover in Texas at DFW airport (and that 2.5 hrs will probably be just BARELY enough time for me to get my bags, check in for the international portion of my flight, change terminals, and deal with customs/security). After that, I'll have a roughly 14 hr flight to Narita Airport in Japan (about 1.5-2 hrs outside of Tokyo) and I'll hit the ground there at 1:25 PM Japan time (I have no idea what that will be here in the states. I guestimate about 3:30 AM central time, but I'm not 100% sure on that)


  1. Sounds like you have a tight schedule with your connections. Mary and I will be following your blog. What about skype?

  2. I will have skype, but it's dependent on my internet connection which will be sporadic at first. I won't initially have the internet in my dorm, so I'll be using internet cafes with my laptop or the computer labs which won't have skype. Don't forget the 14-hr time difference, either haha.

    The connection in DFW is a bit tight. Assuming I don't get lost, though, I should be able to make it. The return flight has a bit more leeway; I've got a 4.5 hr layover which will give me time to decompress after the stupidly long flight back :)

  3. WE love following you. That 1.5 hour trip between dorm and class sounds like it may get old.

  4. Probably a bit. But, it'll give me lots of time to study and review on the train before class, I guess. It's a pretty normal commute time for Tokyo, though.