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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Dorm! Part 1

Well, I got a bit of preliminary information on my dorm and where it will be (I think). I had to ask the Visa guy in Japan for the address of where I'll be staying because it's require for my Visa application. I haven't officially been given the dorm assignment yet. I should be getting more info on it in the following weeks :)

CLICK ME! Clicking that will take you to google maps to show you just where-about in Tokyo the dorm actually is. It's on the far Eastern side of Tokyo. You can zoom in and out, and see a street-side view of the dorm.

The dorm homepage. Be patient; it has to run through google translate (since obviously it'll be in Japanese), but that's the home page for the dorm itself. It has a sample layout and a few photos. Spiffy. Pardon the awkward English on the page. It's actually a fairly decent translation overall, especially for an automated translation.

This is the link to a sample route between my dorm and the school itself. It looks like I'll have roughly an 1-1.5 hr commute one way. This happens to be the JR train line, which I may not be using. I'm not sure yet because I don't know what the train pass the school gives me will cover. This is all assuming, of course, that I don't get horribly horribly lost. Which I'm certain I will at least once or twice.

All in all, pretty spiffy. I'll have to wait a while longer to get much more detail about the living arrangement, but at least I have a rough idea of it now.

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