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Friday, October 15, 2010

First Normal Saturday Here

I've decided that Kinokuniya is currently my favorite store. It's a damn 8 story bookstore. All I can do is love it XD there's like an entire floor devoted to study stuff, and shit-tons of Japanese study material like rare textbooks, JLPT (the Japanese Language Proficiency Test) material, and hard-to-find grammar books. This shit is nigh impossible to find in the US, and you've got to import most of it/buy it online if you can find it all. Even then it's typically crazy expensive. I'm prolly gonna go back there today; I'll take some pics if I get a chance and it's not raining too badly. Because in Japan it always freaking rains.

Culture class for the US students begins today. I believe the topic is Japanese Psychology and Religions (I think) and it should be interesting overall. I've always liked that stuff, and have taken Japanese survey courses and history courses back at K-State state because it's such an interesting subject due to being fairly different from America in a lot of regards. The format for the class is typically lecture and mini activity, so it ought to be an interesting day.

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