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Monday, October 18, 2010

Tea Ceremony

We got to be present for a short tea ceremony today before classes. It was really cool. The Japanese tea ceremony places emphasis on appreciating the simple beauty in things (the tea, the utensils used, the respective seasons when the ceremony is done play a role). After symbolically "purifying" ourselves We were taken to a traditional Japanese tatami room which was sparsely decorated. The alcove in the room showed something simple reflecting the fall season and some calligraphy along those lines. We sat and watched the woman make the tea, were given a traditional Japanese sweet in the shape of an autumn leaf, showed respect for the tea, and got to observe the simplicity inherent in it all. It was very calming--I may end up joining the tea ceremony co-curricular course because I think it's nifty.

In other news: photos!
The first is the much-loved, traditional Japanese "squatty potty" which always seems super weird to Westerners XD The second is... ICE CREAM. In a juice-box like container. HOW HAVE WE NOT THOUGHT OF THIS IN THE US?? You just twist off the top and suck the ice cream out of the package. It's so awesome. And delicious. I approve.

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