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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Weird Japanese Food

So, I just ate raw egg and what I think were little fish embryos... and you know what? I LIKED IT. At least, when I could disengage my brain from saying "You shouldn't eat that don't eat that OMG why are you eating that?!" it was good. It's a traditional Japanese breakfast, and pretty common from what I understand. You take the raw egg, beat it a bit with your chopsticks and then mix it into your hot bowl of rice. You can then pour a bit of soy sauce over it and it's pretty dang yummy. I thought the little fish things were like bean sprouts or something initially. I tried them and thought they were surprisingly delicious so I put a bunch in my bowl of rice with egg. I then brought the bowl up to my mouth to begin eating, looked at the bowl and stopped dead--They were little itty bitty fishies/fish embryos or something. And then I ate them anyway. Sadly, I didn't have my phone or camera on me to get a picture, but I can tell you while it's a bit disconcerting visually it's really good. If you can get over the pre-trained "Don't eat raw eggs" thing they push in the states, and shut your brain up you can enjoy it. Salmonella isn't common here, and they wouldn't serve it if it hugely unsafe (at least w/o some kind of warning lol). The dorm manager didn't seem to think I'd be able to eat the raw egg on rice, which of course meant I HAD to as a personal pride issue. She made me a softboiled egg just in case my American sensibilities got the better of me :P

Here's some other yummy stuff I've eaten over the past few days!

The first and second pictures are some delicious curry with chicken cutlet and meat tandoris, respectively. There's this really good--but tiny--curry shop near the school, and a group of us (6 in total) decided to try it out. It could barely fit all 6 of us, but the food was great. There was this little Indian guy speaking Japanese who made the food. It was made right in front of you, including the naan which was absolutely amazing. The curry isn't as spicy as I like though. That's just a Japan thing; things don't swing as far to the extremes as they do in the states. That is to say sweet things aren't a sweet as we're used to nor spicy things. The third picture is the other Japanese traditional breakfast I had a couple days ago. The typical Japanese breakfast nearly always consists of miso soup, rice, a meat, and some sort of salad/pseudo-salad thingy. This one happened to be a fish filet that morning. It was full of pin bones though, and I wasn't expecting that. I popped a big piece in my mouth and began to chew. Fun fun.

The last picture is my new favorite obsession drink-wise. It's called C.C. Lemon and I love it. It's more mild than lemonade, fizzy/carbonated, and has "The power of 70 lemons worth of vitamin C in every can!" (it says that on the other side of the can) which can only be good. I mean, who doesn't like vitamin C, right?

Sorry the pics are kinda fuzzy; I took them with my Japanese cell phone so the quality isn't as good as it could be.

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  1. OH No ,not fish for breakfast,we will be making Dillis for you when you come back home,little fish 1/2 inch head to tail,with big eyes and they stink real bad,glad you are doing well,love all the updates and pictures,how about some Art? Have you seen anything cool?